Tressa Gerboise sent this short essay round today and it is included here as a Guest post for Remembrance Day. JR

Today is November 11, 2014, Remembrance Day in Canada. A day to ponder the ego of man and the stupidest hating that has and continues to exist – the endless self-inflicted suffering and tears which linger to salt the earth. My niece is a soldier and in truth, if a madman wanted to maim my family – I, in my hypocrisy, would want Emma to be standing in front of us with a gun.

It is also the very first day of winter. I call winter a time and place where the snow stays on the earth. A day where one may quench their thirst simply by licking the frosty snowfall on the ground. A day where my dog jumps and bounds in joy, as I bundle up secretly cursing, “Why can’t I have a dog who pees in my back yard?” Norma’s tail wags with great anticipation at the thought of cold, wet, white fluffy rain.

We’re out: the moment has finally arrived. She runs, licks, jumps and smashes her face into the pleasure of now. A scene that would make the most hardened person smile. It makes me think what Norma would do if a mad dog attacked her family?

Then I remembered, this did happen!…Norma and me were walking in the park one sunny day and a crazy very large dog came sprinting towards us with domination on his mind. He vaulted on me, ripping my coat in the process. Norma, who I once thought was mute, growled and showed her teeth in a display as if to say, “You continue and one of us will die!” The owner called his mongrel off and it was over.

That’s the difference – when the battle was done, it was done. No reminiscing, no dwelling, no regrets and no more hate for the mad dog. It was done. It was time to move on and roll in the beautiful green grass.