Under aged

at the Michigan Palace in dirty, beat up, downtown Detroit
Bagley and Cass, 1975





detroittwo men in tights
fighting loudly

Frank Marino, guitar God
Pining a wall of Marshall amps

Ted Nugent, Motor Citiot
Gaining on him

Two groins creasing
High boned hips

Stacked like humbuckers

Inner and outer space Ö Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles (Number 11, 1952)In the side box, a casual distance from the stage

Facing splinters of an exploded Gibson Byrdland guitar

My eyes widen
To hastening at my feet.

To perfect sweat
Drawn into piss-soaked carpet

To sweet backtalk
Swallowing some of all the noise and darkness

To hot headless shadows
knocking up

CadillacRanchThough I have no real memory of the show

Or how I crossed the border that evening

I do recall feeling
that they came

Reasonably close
to having empirical proof

That my generation
was capable of erotic love

And I saved      16_antistatik-morik
that scent